Specialized products get the job done

We have always strived to provide repair and construction materials that last longer, look better and are easier for you, our customers, to work with. E-Z Patch uses innovative materials (like Polymers and Pozzalans) to create our unique new products for the pool industry.

Pool decking, plaster, tile, etc. have many unique problems that cannot be solved with a single "catch-all" product. E-Z Patch has created specific products to repair specific pool damage. For example, old coping stone replacement is time consuming and it is sometimes impossible to find matching stones. We developed a repair kit, E-Z Patch 5, with full instructions to repair coping stones, even if most of the coping stone is missing.

Cantilevered edge pool decks can break off on the underside. That means the repair must be completed against gravity. We developed a repair kit, E-Z Patch 6, with full instructions, that allows you to easily repair cantilevered edges, upside down.

Rebar steel rusts through the pool plaster leaving an unsightly stain, when the rebar steel in the pool are not covered with the right amount of gunite or shotcrete cement during new construction. In the past, repairing meant cutting out the steel rebar and carefully cleaning up the metal filings. Often times remaining steel not properly finished would rust through again. To solve this problem, we developed a special formula sealing cement, E-Z Patch 7, that seals so well you'll never have to cut out the old piece of rusted rebar.

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Ground movement usually causes the need for tile or grout repairs. Cement type repair supplies such as our E-Z Patch 3,4 & 4F.S. are acceptable to repair problems that are not due to ground movement, or for quick underwater repairs. To properly repair damaged tile or grout due to ground movement or shifting, flexible Neutral Cure silicone rubber should be used. Acetoxy (acid based) silicone rubber is a very cheap type of silicone rubber and is not suitable for bonding to masonry surfaces due to it corroding the contact it makes to these surfaces. It actually breaks it’s own bonding in usually one to two years. However, our Neutral Cure formula of silicone rubber bonds well to masonry, fiberglass, metal, etc. Our products, E-Z Patch 22SS with scrubber pads or E-Z Patch 22 (10 oz. cartridge), have a 30 year life expectancy. They are formulated to be used as a tile setting adhesive and a tile grout all in one. In addition to clear, we offer a white color that is not glossy and is off-white so that it looks more like regular cement grout.

Expansion joint rubber formulas in self-leveling and step grade versions traditionally have several product problems. The product longevity is short-lived, it doesn't cure quickly enough, and it is complicated to apply. Even worse, the shelf life is short so you never know if the batch of joint rubber formula you've purchased is any good. Enter E-Z Patch's special formula of neutral cure silicone rubber in self-leveling, E-Z Patch 23.  Our special neutral cure formula cures quickly, has a 50 year life expectancy, requires no mixing or primer and can be used down to 0F.

Cracks in plaster and decks can be best repaired using a flexible repair. E-Z Patch has developed a liquid elastomeric crack preventer (E-Z Patch 24) that can be applied over any repaired crack to give a flexible repair to the cracked area prior to retexturing deck, replastering, painting or coating

Repairing vinyl liners in pools has it own set of challenges. Problems include; the residue from the adhesive getting in your hair and eyes when doing an underwater repair, short working time to use the product, vinyl patches “sucking thru” on large rips with heavy water flow and the adhesive turning yellow. Our clear rubber sealant leaves no residue when applied underwater (works underwater or above water). It gives a full 5 minutes of working time, and doesn't stick to your hand if it is wet. In many cases, the sealant will repair rips, cuts or pinholes without a patch. Our sealant makes it’s own clear patch that does not yellow. When repairing a very large rip or cut that has a lot of water flow or pressure, it can be used as an adhesive for a vinyl patch (clear vinyl patch included) that does not “suck through”. It is also excellent for repairs to plastic skimmer leaks or light fixture leaks.

Glaze chips and crack on glazed Ceramic tiles can be easily repaired with E-Z Patch 15, available in many colors.

Chips and cracks in Saltillo tile can be easily repaired with E-Z Patch 13 Terra Cotta (red-brown) or E-Z Patch 14 Yellow-Tan. Both can be combined for matching other colors found in Saltillo-type tiles.